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Security Analyst @ Riscure Inc.

Remote | Posted 5 months, 1 week ago


REMOTE, anywhere in North America: 2 Security Analysts needed in North America for our San Francisco based office. If you want an office to be in, we have that too! 

Do you get excited over a firmware image? Or how about the full source of a TEE OS? Does the prospect of using libFuzzer or AFL on a Trusted Application give you goosebumps? Do you call IDA Pro or radare2 ~, and ARM/MIPS your friends?  Even more reason to come aboard!

You have at least 3 years work experience in:

  • Programming languages: C, C++, JavaCard, Assembly
  • Able to execute security evaluations based on specifications of various programs
  • Experience in security applicable to payment systems
  • Experience with payment networks
  • Experience in customer-facing roles and leading teams
  • Able to work independently and orchestrate work in small teams
  • Experience in software development lifecycle
  • Experience finding vulnerabilities in source code or binaries through manual review
  • Experience fuzzing for vulnerabilities
  • Experience using symbolic execution to find vulnerabilities
  • Knowledge of embedded system architecture, OS internals, Trusted Execution Environments

Twitter: @riscure

Category: Red Team

Salary: $89000 - $124000

embedded systems hacker hardware whitebox crypto source code payment systems OS terminals code review cryptographic algorithms firmware x509 payment terminals TEE payment networks symbolic execution