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Riscure Inc.


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Security Analyst @ Riscure Inc.

Red Team

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Twitter: @riscure

Description: The roots of Riscure are in cryptography. An amazing team of committed security experts to guide the security industry through the challenges in connected device security. We are market leaders in Side Channel Analysis, Fault Injection, connected device architecture and software analysis. Offering embedded device security expertise for key industries such as Semiconductor, Automotive, Payment and Transactions, Media and Conditional Access, IoT, Defense and Government. We lead clients through our offered services, tooling and trainings. Our super power is sharing our knowledge and expertise about security where hardware meets software. We walk alongside our customers throughout the development stages, through tape out or certification and beyond. We use our learnings from our clients to innovate and develop better tooling to further our mission to make the worlds devises not just secure but safe for the end customer.